Monday, August 3, 2009

Stuff to come

It's decided. Going to be making an album.

Thinking 8 tracks. The theme will be pretty odd. Trying to see if I should get a label, or if I'll just post it on some place like CD-Baby

Perhaps I should post previews? Hmm... I think I'll put them up only in complete form. But I'll be emailing snippets to people.

ALSO! I should be posting a few gouache paintings sometime soon. Err, assuming I don't hate them too badly. Gosh, I'm lazy. I need to stop looking at my art and saying "Geez, that's terrible. I'll just act like I'm not doing anything rather than post those paintings."

Friday, May 1, 2009

Basic Walkcycle work

In 3d animation land, I did pull this off. It's a strange, partially disconnected character by someone who's an awesome mechanical engineer. Her character seemed too cool to animate, so I tried this walkcycle to work out kinks in the rig.

Fyel Walkcycle test

Up next, I'll fully animate a small scene. I think it'll just be a better impression of the guy... (he's shy and skittish)... plus I'll animate every bit of him (eyes, mouth, brow, tail, shoulders, etc)

You might notice a few skinning bugs. I'll get those fixxed eventually. Or maybe I'll pay the neighbors kids money (a couple nickels) to do it for me. Heheh... I'll just have to take the nickels from my dad. :-/

Water colors I forgot about

Doh! I should have put this up on there. Here you guys go... something I did for someone recently. Been keeping them in my prayers since they are looking for work still.

Okay, I'll try to keep this feed much more up to date now... but I'll try to avoid too many 'rough sketches' for your own sakes.

Monday, January 26, 2009

koi gift

Just a gift I'm doing for someone...

I'm praying that their mountains will be moved.... she has been through a lot.

koi - scaled.jpg

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Get funky...

Something I just finished for someone in Israel. She draws kangaroo anthro stuff, which is completely awesome. Here's her character, Simon:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

new mediums?

Well, I bought some curious stuff called 'watercolor canvas paper'

It feels like none of those words really describe it. Seems cool!

I also bought a 'block-o-coldpress' made by those folks from canson. The doodle I put on them is pretty weird... which is SO me, anyways.

I hope to get things done soon, so you can take a peek. Maybe. Or I might feel they are too 'special' and put them on my more questionable art blog. I dunno... I just like to separate my art for those who are looking for more 'traditional' stuff (like landscapes).

Anyhoo... I'll keep ya posted

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Something fun... ish?

Did this with some inspiration from a message about the Holy Spirit... and its based on a render from apophysis
(clickety to download a larger res version)

as of fire.jpg